Carnival in Venice for companies

Reality depends on imagination. (Giacomo Casanova, Story of my life)

Admiring form a privileged point of view the crowling Saint Mark’s Square during Carnival, on board our Galeone Veneziano you can surprise your collaborators with a gourmand business dinner in a really unique location. You will drink a cocktail and taste delicious dishes prepared by our Chef on board and the Galeone Veneziano will become the perfect place to join elegance and charm of a boat of other times with the student spirit that has always distinguished Carnival.

Your guests can come on board dressed-up with the typical Venetian mask of the Comedy of Art or with the precious costumes of the aristocracy of the Serenissima to come back in time in the period of Dogi and Dogaresse.

Letting fantasy and creativity flow to create the most beautiful mask will be a great opportunity to organize a corporate team building for your company before the dinner on board. Once on board, surrounded by colors and lights and ravished by cheerful music and by the particular atmosphere of the Galleon, you can give a prize to the most original mask and, if required, we can provide theme shows or walk-on figures to build together a night at the bound between reality and imagination.