Galleon Dinner Cruise in Venice

From November 02 2017 to February 14 2018

SAINT VALENTINE'S DAY ON A BOAT - TUESDAY 13th FEBRAURY ...waiting for San Valentino

A special evening on board the Venetian Galleon to offer you a unique and moving experience while waiting Saint Valentine’s day in the breathtaking seascape of Venice and its lagoon.

The sensuality of candles, the elegantly laid tables  and the charm of a boat of other times will complete the overall appeal of an unforgettable dinner on board.

The slow and calm cruise of the galleon among the islands of the Venetian lagoon will allow you to have a wonderful view of a unique scenery while listening to the sweetest love songs and tasting the traditional Venetian dishes carefully prepared by our Chef on board.

A charming scenic tour of Saint Mark’s square will end the evening on board
giving you the chance to admire the magic of this city.

Price per person:
€ 110,00 tables in the main deck
€ 100,00 tables in the prow or in the stern, where tables are laid for 4 so couples reserving only for 2 could be seated with other couples.

Valentine s day_13.02.18.pdf

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