Galeone Veneziano Events: detail

to January 01 1970



The festival itself dates back to the year 1576, and it is named after the church of Redentore, designed by Palladio on the island of Giudecca. During that period, Venice was suffering from a terrible plague, most probably because of the freighters coming from the East and this plague was considered a kind of divine punishment.

To invoke the end of the plague, in order to save the city, the Republic's senate voted to build a temple on the Giudecca island in honour of Christ the Redeemer while the Venetians had to promise to visit the temple every year.

On 1577 started the construction of the church and on the third Sunday of July of the same year the Doge Sebastiano Venier finally declared Venice free from the plague.

The Redentore is one of the best-loved events by the Venetians, as hundreds of boats, decorated with branches and multi-coloured balloons, gather in Saint Mark’s basin to admire the fireworks and their reflections on the waters of the lagoon, eating together typical Venetian dishes, playing music, dancing and celebrating the beginning of summertime.