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Murano Renowned the world over for its glassware, Murano is an island with a centuries old tradition in the art of glass making. The precious and refined objects produced range from simple furniture items to design artifacts. The Church of San Pietro Martire is particularly significant, with paintings by Giovanni Bellini, while the Glass Museum at Palazzo Giustinian is of great historical and artistic interest.
Burano Houses painted in bright colors, hand-crafted lace, a single church and a crooked bell tower. An extraordinary island, once the home of fishermen and boats. All visitors in Burano are fascinated by the bright multi-colored houses reflecting in the green waters of the canals, and the tranquility and calmness with which the elderly ladies embroider their lace pillows. Food gourmets will absolutely not want to miss out on the typical biscuits produced on the island: Bussolà, Zaeti, Esse...
Torcello This small island, which currently has around fifteen residents, was once one of the most ancient and prosperous settlements in the lagoon. A very popular tourist location thanks to its incomparable archaeological heritage, Torcello boasts various buildings and sites with a high cultural appeal: the Cathedral, the “Throne of Attila”, the Church of Santa Fosca, the Museum of Torcello, and the curious Devil's Bridge.
San Francesco del Deserto
San Francesco del Deserto An ancient island, whose history is apparent in its Roman ruins from the 1st, 4th and 5th centuries A.D.; its name is of popular origin, dating back to the first half of the 5th century, when the island was abandoned for over two decades due to the unhealthiness of the lagoon. Its Franciscan history dates back to the year 1220: Back from his travels in the east, Saint Francis of Assisi stopped here because of a storm, and as legend would have it he was welcomed by the festive chant of sparrows. A 14th century cloister and majestic cypresses lend an air of peacefulness to the island.
Sant’Erasmo Gardens and vineyards, romantic sunsets and the lovely “Bacan” beach with the 19th century Maximilian Tower erected in the southwestern part of the island. Also renowned for the famous violet artichoke, the so-called “castraure”.
Lazzaretto Nuovo [the new hospital]
Lazzaretto Nuovo Initially called “Vigna Murada”, it was most likely a strategic stronghold controlling the inland waterways, later becoming a lazzaretto [hospital] in 1468 (dubbed "new" to distinguish it from the “old” one near the Lido); a place of quarantine for ships arriving from various Mediterranean ports suspected of carrying the plague. Original writings and drawings left by sailors forced into isolation are still visible today on the walls of the Tezon Grande.
Isola della Certosa
Isola della Certosa This island was inhabited by Carthusian monks, who commissioned beautiful works of art by Vivarini, Titian and Tintoretto. Once a military post, the island is now a tourist destination, thanks to its remarkable natural heritage, particularly its lush vegetation.
San Servolo
San Servolo Until 1978 the home of a psychiatric hospital, of which traces remain in the Museum of Folly, the so-called island of madmen is currently an important multicultural center that hosts the European Center of Venice for crafts and for the conservation of architectural heritage, offering courses that allow learners to relive the experiences the schools of Arts and Crafts provided around five centuries ago in the historic center of Venice. The island also houses the most ancient Benedictine monastery in the lagoon, with an adjoining prestigious apothecary.
San Lazzaro degli Armeni
San Lazzaro degli Armeni San Lazzaro degli Armeni is one of the smaller islands of the Venice Lagoon. An oasis of peace, it is an example of coexistence between two historical and cultural realities: East and West. In the past a leper colony dedicated to St. Lazarus, the island was entrusted by the Venetian Republic to a small group of Armenians fleeing from the Turks. Visit the Mechitarista Museum, with its prestigious collections, among which are the mummy of Nehmeket from 1000 B.C., and a large library.
Pellestrina A natural continuation of the Venice Lido westward, divided by the Port of Malamocco, Pellestrina is a thin strip of sand that extends for over 10 kilometers. The island's main center is San Pietro in Volta; it is separated from Chioggia by the port of the same name. The island is home to the renovated Murazzi beach resort, as well as the noteworthy Ca' Roman natural reserve. A destination for intellectuals and writers, the island offers peace and tranquility; an optimal setting for the inspiration and the creation of artistic masterpieces.
Chioggia Known as the Little Venice, Chioggia is an artificial island that occupies a unique geographical position, separated from the sea by a long sandy strip, the Lido di Sottomarina, appearing almost suspended between the different hues of azure blue of the sky and sea. Fascinating, with its picturesque colorful palaces facing the Canal Vena, and distinctive porticoes lending a unique character to the island, which is also home to ancient churches. With horizontal streets intersecting the vertical lines of the canals and Piazza, the island's urban plan recreates a classic “herringbone”, a synthesis of the natural morphology and functionality of the island's traditional trade, fishing.

Business Meetings in Venice

Choosing the Venetian Galleon for your business meetings will allow you to astonish your business guests and partners, turning an ordinary work meeting into an exciting and thrilling experience, recreated in a truly stunning atmosphere that will ease social and interpersonal relations.

Navigating with the Venetian Lagoon in the background, business meetings, product presentations and incentives, conferences and business meetings in Venice are supported by suitable technical equipment on request: projection screens, flip charts, simultaneous translation service, in addition to the equipment already on board: sound system, wireless radio and microphones.

A variety of team building activities can be organized both on board or on dry land, helping strengthen relationships between colleagues, and providing new motivational stimuli.

The Galleon can also be branded with a company logo and customized to your needs, allowing for a large scale brand visibility.

As a crowning touch, our catering service is available for a delightful cocktail party to celebrate a successful event, or a gourmet coffee break to restore your energy level between work sessions, or even for a lunch or dinner at the close of the meeting.

SiroccoThe supreme culinary arts of the Sirocco food workshop allow the Venetian Galleon to assure an excellent level of quality for food services.

The freedom to work entirely self-sufficiently allows us to prepare and control products right from the purchasing of raw materials. In accordance with the HACCP plan, we control the production, conservation and transportation of food preparations on board the galleons, right up to the final serving phase, which is performed with the maximum attention to every detail that has always been a prerogative of our business philosophy.

Our menu proposals range from the most classic dishes of Venetian tradition to the most refined international preparations, satisfying the divergent needs of customers with personalized menus.